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    Minecraft Server Update 1.20

    When was the release of Minecraft 1.20? On October 15, 2022, at Minecraft Live, the major content update for 2023, dubbed Trails and Tales, was revealed. This update emphasized the Minecraft community and its members' own narratives. With yearly upgrades, one of the top PC games of the past ten...
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    Philip’s ruins

    A mod called Philip's Ruins enhances your world with over 200 randomly generated ruins and buildings. Be cautious when exploring because they can often contain treasures or even traps and come in a variety of damaged states. They can also be discovered deep underwater and in any biome! You...
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    mOres Reloaded

    The mOres mod is very detailed and full of many new ores that can now be discovered and smelted to craft a very dense list of tools and weapons as well as armor for both the player and even horses. There are now eleven ores that can be mined from a variety of stone, deepslate, and Nether blocks...
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    Enchantable Staffs

    Enchantable Staffs is a great way to expand on the magical aspects of Minecraft by giving the player six tiers of staffs that range in durability and enchantability. Each staff is pretty simple and affordable to craft and they range from the lowest tier of iron up to the highest tier of plated...
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    Naturalist is a fantastic mod that adds a bunch of new animals to woodland and deserted dryland biomes. There are some incredibly well done animals added with this mod that have been missing from the Minecraft world and each one has unique animations and behaviors to further immerse the player...
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    Enhanced Farming

    Enhanced Farming is a mod that aims to expand on the overall crops that can be grown in Minecraft by adding a significant amount of new trees and plants to grow and harvest. There are nine new trees that you will find scattered throughout forest biomes and include apple, lemon, orange, cherry...
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    (Target Dummy) MmmMmmMmm

    A simple but effective mod called MmmMmmMmmMmm adds a customizable target dummy so you can practise attacks and see how much damage your chosen weapons will deal. It is a fairly straightforward idea, but it is incredibly helpful to assess the quality and power of your arsenal. A hay bale and an...
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    5 Minecraft Mods To Try In 2023

    Minecraft players are eagerly awaiting the release of the version 1.20 update, which was created by Mojang (via Screen Rant). Due in large part to its vibrant modding community, which enables players to alter the game to their liking, Minecraft has given players countless hours of entertainment...
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    Information on the Minecraft 1.19 The Wild update

    The Minecraft 1.18 update has been a big hit among the community. Minecraft 1.19 has been confirmed as The Wild update and it’s full of even more new blocks, biomes, and mobs. The Minecraft 1.18 update was first announced during Minecraft Live 2021. When is the Minecraft 1.19 Update getting...
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    How to set up a Java server for Minecraft

    There are numerous options available when building a Minecraft server. The setup of a Survival Multiplayer Server without mods is currently covered in this guide. Future guides on how to launch a server with mods will be released by us. Create a Vanilla Survival Multiplayer Server (MSP) Follow...
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    Notes for the 1.19.81 Update to Minecraft Bedrock Edition

    The 1.19.81 update for Minecraft Bedrock Edition has just been released, and these comprehensive patch notes show what's new in it. The most recent patch for the game fixes some problems brought on by the 1.19.80 update. If you're having problems of this nature, we strongly advise that you...
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    Boss Mob Area

    New Update Boss Mob Area Coming Soon
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    Server launch Date

    SERVER will be launched from 1st June