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Philip’s ruins

A mod called Philip's Ruins enhances your world with over 200 randomly generated ruins and buildings. Be cautious when exploring because they can often contain treasures or even traps and come in a variety of damaged states. They can also be discovered deep underwater and in any biome!


You will quickly notice these ruins scattered around and can sometimes be so dilapidated that there is hardly anything left of them.


The purpose of this mod is to attempt to integrate a lost, ancient civilization's lore into your saved world. Numerous tales can be inferred in order to add some mystery and historical context. Ruins that are barely visible above the surface can require some digging to reach their full depth. Some have secret staircases or passages that can be explored in search of hidden treasure.


But you will often come across very dark passages that may even have mob spawners so be sure to enter at your own risk and always go in prepared.


Some of these ancient ruins will also simply look like run down cottages or abandoned villager homes. They can vary in size and damage and sometimes can be very easily salvaged and restored for your own shelters or bases.